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23 May

From June 21st -27th the artists Hilla Steinert and Simona Koch will stay in the heart of the little village Preuntsfelden in one of the urban housings of Winfried Baumann

Die Anderen

For 7 days they will do research on their presence in that village.

Their questions are:
What are villages and how do they work?
What keeps the community together and what does it need?
How do villages survive as symbiotic communities in a more and more centralized and technologized world?

For a short time they slip into the roles of the others, the roles of new nomads who enter into another world to go about these questions.

Ideas and thoughts coming up in that time will be transformed in artistic actions and get documented.

They are looking forward conversations and encounters.
Everybody is invited to visit them.

You can follow them here:

91635 Windelsbach – Preuntsfelden
Administrative district Rothenburg o. d. Tauber


Joan Casellas: La Muga Caula 2012 International Meeting of Performance, Spain

10 Sep

Antoni Karwowski in Korea

30 Aug


Message for you

30 Aug

Performative meeting


Antoni Karwowski and Hilla Steinert

What do we know from each other?
What do we want the other knows?
How do we impart?

23rd of August 2012
Schönhauser Allee
10439 Berlin
below the subway which is above
between U-Schönhauser Allee and Bornholmer Str.

A table, two chairs, bread, water and polish snag. He folds himself laughing into my hand. Black pearls clack quietly on white porcelain. All has its place. The suitcase and also the red stripe. Always he holds and is held. I hear him calling. I hear him singing. Bright white shirts line the street.

How are you?
I am fine.

Look, the shoes! How much life, how much joy, how much pain? The shoes and also your laughter, a pillow of flour and a brambly bouquet blow with me in the evening light. White line, ending in a circle. Breaking the blossoms. Blue shadow and a sound, becoming stronger as it comes out.

by Hilla

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First face to face meeting Inari and Hilla

8 Jul


Finally I met Inari in Recklinghausen, close to Düsseldorf, where she was performing with her cleaning patrol.
Inari, I am very happy that I met you and it was great how it happened.
At the moment we saw for the very first time in real it felt very, very familiar, like I already know you for a long time and like it is just normal to meet on the market place in Recklinghausen or just another place.
The place where we met is 500 km away from Berlin.
I connected it with the visit of a very good friend I have not seen for years who is living now in Essen, which takes about 45 minutes to get to Inari`s performance..
I only knew the time and possible places of the outdoor performance of Inari.
It was raining, so I was not really sure wether it will take place and I had no phonenr. from Inari.
I thought about Antoni`s tram performance which I tried to see in Szczecin two years ago, also having information about time and space, and was missing. But finally I have met Antoni in a totally other space, where neither he nor I expected it.
So I was hanging out in Recklinghausen, having coffee, trying to get some information, but nobody knew more than I.
I became a little nervous. I mean 500km are a long way for missing a performance.
But then they came: 3 beautiful old women with black dresses, white aprons, buckets and brushes and started cleaning the market place and singing with a bucket over the head.
Inari gave me right away her camera and I had the pleasure to film them what was really fun to follow their ways.
Again I am included in a performance with the first meeting. Great.



Unexpected connections

8 Jul

Inari, knowing that we meet in May in Berlin, but not being able to come has send us a book about Lapland.

I found out that I am already well-known there:

Hilla : Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus)

After mid-July the people of Kittilä begin to show signs of “cloudberry fever”, to an outsider this is completely alien. Checking the tours for mapping the best places are made at the beginning of July. Keeping their own cloudberry marshes a secret seems to be the locals`purpose in life.

The best cloudberry picking season is usually when July changes into August. Observing the weather and prices of the cloudberry buyers is the hobby of late summer for people within the municipality. The youngest in the as well as the serious pickers of cloudberry with their big plastic bags, rucksacks and tents are found throughout the province.

The correct method of picking a cloudberry is essential for sparing the crop. Locals try to teach the right methods to pickers from outside the municipality. Often the unexperienced will pick a berry when it is still unripe resulting in undeveloped fruit, bad taste and aroma.

On the way to the other side

8 Jul

Simona and her partner Nikolaus were traveling overland from Vienna to Japan. It took them 2 month to get there. They were taking their feet, horses, cars, busses, trains and a ship slowly moving and getting in touch with what was on their path: people, culture, nature, borders, images. On their blog we get some insights, great pictures and small comments which not only document the journey, but also give a lot of (emotional) information about how to be in and meet other cultures and ways to artistic transformation.

I am very happy that Simona is with us in the same boat!!!

please have a look: