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Meeting May 26th in Berlin

5 Jul

Joan, Claudia, Ildiko and I, Hilla, met here in Berlin.

Slowly getting to know each other personal. Ildiko and Joan already met in Madrid on a performance festival.
I believe that one really good way to converge is to eat and drink, spending time together.
I also love to do that for others.

Our aim is to perform together. That`s why I started our meeting with a little performance, including the others. Nothing new for me, but always different.
This time I collected wishes which we wrote on paper relating to INSIDEOUT. The paper gets into water, soaked and later pressed and dried to a ball, which will be part of another art work.

The boat somehow became a deeper meaning for me for INSIDEOUT: it is the symbol of traveling long ways through all kind of waters to reach our goals .

in side out


nothing concrete
but the moments
of joy

may be

we all are
in the same boat


each movement
a new position



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Meeting March in Chozewil, Poland

3 Apr

On the 17th and 18th of March 2012 Claudia and Hilla visited Antoni in Poland.
The leaves showed their first green tops on the trees. It was so warm and sunny that we could drink our coffee outside. Ela, Antoni`s wife was cooking incredible good for us. Paulina, Antoni`s doughter helped with communication. Although we agree in all basic questions about performance art it was good to especially talk about those details of the concept which are the ground with translating help by Paulina.

The result:

In the concept meet two things.
-It is a question of the first thought to develop a performance where our lives and and appropriated places from the past meet.
-The development of the concept towards the extension to include the other countries.

Both gets shown in the choice of the places.
And together that is really exciting.

The thought about borders gets more and more present.
But what kind of borders are they?

We discussed the previous concept and defined the borders for each country, each region and each artist in a new way. You can read about it in the actual concept on the blogĀ“s <about>

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Meeting February 06th in Berlin

6 Feb

Meeting February 06th 2012 in Berlin
Participants: Hilla Steinert, Ildiko Meny, Simona Koch, Claudia Lamas- Cornejo

Outside temperature minus 15 Celsius, INSIDEOUT drinking hot tea, eating applecake and wrapping up material …

Meeting December 19th in Berlin

6 Feb

Meeting December 19th in Berlin
Participants: Hilla Steinert, Antoni Karwowski, Ildiko Meny, Simona Koch, Claudia Lamas Cornejo

– The first time that most of the involved persons met at Hillas house to nail down participants roles and vivid discussions about main project themes and future directions.

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