Joan Casellas – Performanceartist
(*24.5.1960 in Teiá, Spain),
lives and works in Barcelona, Spai

He is an outstanding representative of the Spanish performance art, working at international festivals, workshops, conferences, various universities since the1990s. He is the publisher of the magazine AIRE – an archive about performance art. Technically he  adapts his work to the specific space where he is performing. “As a living being, the thing that interests me most, is life itself.”


Antoni Karwowski – Performanceartist
(*10.4.1948 in Grajewo, Poland),
lives and works in Poland

He graduated at faculty of fine arts, University in Torun, Poland. He grew up on the eastern border of Poland, under the strong influence of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian culture. He is active in performance and intermedia art since 1976. His artistic work focuses on identity, transformation, deconstruction and erosion of memory. He explores cultural relations between different nations and transfers these experiences into art.



Hilla Steinert – Performanceartist 
(*9.6.1960 in Preuntsfelden, Germany),
lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Coming from dance she creates performance over more than 20 years.
Space, time, material and the input of her own body are the basis for her artistic work. She develops her performances on the fundament of experience, exploration and invention. Her main concern is to retrieve and visualize connections on all levels. Her works are characterized through her ability to establish contact.


Inari Virmakoski – Performanceartist
(*8.11.1941 in Nurmes, North-Karelia Finland),
lives and works in Helsinki, Finnland

She lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She founded the International Nomadic Life while working in development aid health projects in Tanzania and Somalia between 1972 and 1988.
The experience taught her to appreciate and respect different cultures and ways of living. She collects ideas and materials which she uses in her artistic work as a performance artist since last 20 years.


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