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Greetings from Choziwel

3 Apr


Fundstücke – Finds

3 Apr

by Hilla Steinert

Does a finding tell us anything?


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Les Escaules, Alt Empordà, Catalonia, Spain

3 Apr

Les Escaules is a small village close to the French border on the verge of the Pyrenees and not far away from the Costa Brava.

It is in Catalonia, which is because of historical and cultural features one of the  historical autonomic communities in Spain. It has a different history and different cultur.
And here you find original Catalonian places and people.

Les Escaules was founded in the Middle Age in the 8th century. There are still remains of a castle and an abbey and many evidences of historical life. Now there only live 60 persons.
It has a relatively important industry of cement which was already used in the Roman Period.

But mostly this area is used for farming and more and more for summer residencies. Here you find extreme pure and beautiful nature, topped by the waterfall La Caula.

When I found out that Duchamp was here I became a Duchampianist and started writing about it. One photo shows Duchamp near by the water fall. That was the initiation for the first performance event La  Muga Caula.

Since 17th century Les Escaules and the Village Boadella, which is 3 km far away up the river La Muga, belong together. Time seems to stand still. Boadilla never grew and the people living there also don`t want that. They want to keep the calmness and the direct contact to nature.

My father in law has a huge house in Les Escaules. I come here since 1982.
I feel very home here. This place is good for my personal artistic inspiration and development.

Here I am close to the border in different ways. There is the country border to France and my own artistic border walk as an artist.
A symbol for all of that is the river La Muga, what means translated: border.
But this is a Basque word and not Catalan, what means perhaps that the Basque were here.

In 2005 I organized the first edition of the performance event La Muga Caula, what has the meaning of hot border.

Speaking about borders and working closed to them this is another important one for me where I find identity: the hot border of performance art.


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Meeting March in Chozewil, Poland

3 Apr

On the 17th and 18th of March 2012 Claudia and Hilla visited Antoni in Poland.
The leaves showed their first green tops on the trees. It was so warm and sunny that we could drink our coffee outside. Ela, Antoni`s wife was cooking incredible good for us. Paulina, Antoni`s doughter helped with communication. Although we agree in all basic questions about performance art it was good to especially talk about those details of the concept which are the ground with translating help by Paulina.

The result:

In the concept meet two things.
-It is a question of the first thought to develop a performance where our lives and and appropriated places from the past meet.
-The development of the concept towards the extension to include the other countries.

Both gets shown in the choice of the places.
And together that is really exciting.

The thought about borders gets more and more present.
But what kind of borders are they?

We discussed the previous concept and defined the borders for each country, each region and each artist in a new way. You can read about it in the actual concept on the blog´s <about>

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