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Meeting February 06th in Berlin

6 Feb

Meeting February 06th 2012 in Berlin
Participants: Hilla Steinert, Ildiko Meny, Simona Koch, Claudia Lamas- Cornejo

Outside temperature minus 15 Celsius, INSIDEOUT drinking hot tea, eating applecake and wrapping up material …


Europa entdecken

6 Feb

Europa entdecken

Publication by the Friends of the Museum of European Cultures
Issue 7, 2008

ISBN 10:3-88609-619-X

Meeting December 19th in Berlin

6 Feb

Meeting December 19th in Berlin
Participants: Hilla Steinert, Antoni Karwowski, Ildiko Meny, Simona Koch, Claudia Lamas Cornejo

– The first time that most of the involved persons met at Hillas house to nail down participants roles and vivid discussions about main project themes and future directions.

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Preuntsfelden, Germany

2 Feb

How did INSIDEOUT start?
Hilla Steinert

To know where something started is very interesting, because the beginning is part of the whole thing. In deed, I think it is very important, also or may be especially, because we always move away from one initial point.

Last summer I was in Preuntsfelden. That is a small village in Southgermany, ca 28 houses. I was born in that village. My father was the teacher and we lived in the school house. My parents lived in the basement and in the small rooms under the roof. The school rooms where in the first floor.

1960 it was still common that children in the country side get taught together in one class. It also was normal to give birth at home. The village Preuntsfelden had in spite of its smallness a church and a school. The school is closed for a long time. The few left children in the village have to drive now to next bigger place to go to school. But the house itself still exists.

I in fact only lived there for two years. Then my father changed to another place. But the friendship to our ancient neighbors exists over generations and connects me with this particular place till today. Sometimes I have a longing for it. It is a piece of home deeply rooted in myself. It is something difficult to describe: a sort of unconsciousness knowledge that has nothing to do with my biography.

The house is empty and except the basement hardly changed. There they built a mortuary. Where the dead persons get laid out nowadays stood the bed where I was born in. The former school rooms are used by the community on and off. There is still the old cooker where my mother prepared meals. The stairs are caved, the plaster crumbles and the layers of paint  chip off.

Locked-in time which disappears with a slight sigh by opening the door.

In this house meet my very personal history with the history of a whole period of time.
Life seems tangible in layers.

This summer I was taking pictures of the house and the village, research through the eye of the camera. I told Antoni about it and sent him some pictures That was when the first idea to a performance, in which our childhoods as well as the places of our childhhoods meet, came up. Before that Antoni and his performance partner performed on the 24h Performanceproject in Szczecin in May 2011 the meeting between his grandmother and his partner`s grandmother.  In another performance the audience had the possibility to meet his grandfather.

There is that empty house, the whole village and area where you can just read the layers of time. What a great and unusual possibility to be able to go back to the place where you are born and it hardly changed!!

Very fast we thought that we should expand this very interesting field of exploration by including other nations.

And that we, as artists, with our own way of approaching open important and precious terrain, which offers excellent entries for scientific work in different disciplines.
And now we work on realizing it.
Preuntfselden will be the place in Germany where I will take you with me.

Memory Vessels

2 Feb
Memory Vessels
by Simona Koch
Human beings are vessels where memory and experience get collected.
In ancient times an old person was an information source of very high value, as there was no secure access for knowledge for everybody, like libraries or the internet.
Nowadays this value turned and old people supposedly might not support our today`s knowledge society – being old, as it gets conveyed through media and advertising, is something bad which we have to fight against.
But the truth is that those vessels are still filled with experiences and memories of long ago past moments – and also with knowledge which is very different from what is the state of knowledge of today.With the project INSIDEOUT those vessels will be contemplated, opened up and made accessible in an unusual way. The team has found performance artists in the four directions of Europe, who are between 50 an 70 years old. In the project these artists meet in their respective home countries and let their experiences and memories converge, interweaved with the ground where it is happening and the native people living there.With the documentation of the project in turn a new document gets produced, which preserves this output for the next generations.

Januar 2012

Welcome to the INSIDEOUT Performance Project

1 Feb

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